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Sartura Publishes UCI2 Project
2021-06-08 in blog

Our latest project delivers a new and robust UCI configuration library for OpenWrt.

Tags: UCI Configuration library OpenWrt
Linux 5.11 contributions
2021-03-16 in blog

New Linux kernel 5.11 released with Sartura's eight-patch contribution, extending the existing ecosystem of ARM and ARM64-based devices.

Tags: Marvell Marvell Prestera Linux kernel 5.11
Sartura collaborates with Vodafone and further extends Rocket CWMP
2018-12-06 in blog

Recent updates to the Rocket CWMP client implementation include the addition of ChangeDUState RPC support and other functionality required for a working implementation of the RPC.

Tags: Rocket CWMP CWMP TR-069
OpenWrt Summit 2018: Three Sartura talks
2018-10-04 in blog

Sartura to present three topics on the upcoming OpenWrt Summit 2018 in Lisbon, Portugal

Tags: OpenWrt presentation