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OpenWrt announces 18.06 stable release
2018-08-02 in blog

OpenWrt Community launches first post-merge release with 18.06 stable version

Sartura adds support for MACCHIATObin boards in mainline OpenWrt project
2018-04-17 in blog

March 2018 marks the addition of both the Single Shot and Double Shot flavors of the Marvell MACCHIATObin® boards into mainline OpenWrt.

Sartura adds mbed TLS support to libssh project
2018-03-28 in blog

Recent Sartura Open Source contributions include the addition of mbed TLS support for libssh project.

Operational and configuration data management with Sysrepo
2017-10-30 in blog

The current state of routers and host operating systems in regards to process configuration and Interprocess Configuration (IPC) is one of diversity and anachronism. Standardizing both the configuration styles that applications use as well as IPC mechanisms would go a long way to resolve current issues with configuration and operational data management.