Development & implementation of diverse CPE services.
CWMP protocol stacks

Sartura has a long lasting experience and history in working with CWMP, or sometimes called TR-069 (Technical Report 069), a technical specification offering Internet Service Providers (ISPs) a framework and a common language to remotely provision and manage devices regardless of their type or manufacturer.

Sartura has been involved in a number of professionally supported projects involving CWMP. Apart from those, we also provide CWMP trainings and education services to our customers.


An apparent and long-present issue faced by Telecom operators is one of reducing operational and configuration data management costs which stem from the divergence of configuration styles that applications use.

The Netconf Configuration Protocol (NETCONF) and its designated data-modeling language (YANG) are a protocol/data set aimed specifically for network configuration. that increase the speed with which service providers are able to manage existing configurations or provide new services on enormous amounts of deployed devices.Sartura collaborated on several projects involving NETCONF/YANG implementations and the ecosystem surrounding them.

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