Service Providers
Integrating your services into embedded ecosystems.
Bringing your software to OpenWrt

Porting custom solutions into OpenWrt ecosystem requires a firm grasp of its underlying components and mechanisms. Numerous companies already leverage Sartura's integration services to quickly and efficiently bring their solutions into OpenWrt.

Continuous presence in a go-to embedded distribution

OpenWrt's modularity and extendability made it an optimal choice for companies aiming at a wider market. Sartura provides continuous integration and support via updates and custom development services. All of these services ensure that the solution remains reliable and relevant to the large base of vendors and end-users using OpenWrt.

Increasing the target scope of your solution

Sartura's complete integration offering also includes frequent testing and upgrades across different hardware platforms. This increases the device scope of your solution not only to the wide variety of commercial routers supported by OpenWrt, but also to other platforms that suit your project.

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