Open Source
Established presence with active contributions to various open source projects.
Contributing to mainline

As a service-oriented company grounded on the open source philosophy, Sartura is deeply involved in the open source community either through releasing in-house projects or contributing to existing open source projects and ecosystems.

The wide scope of technologies and projects we have contributed to range from CWMP ecosystem endpoints, continuous integration services and automated testing environments.

Contributing to OpenWrt

Sartura has added various enhancements to OpenWrt package ecosystem. Some of these include adding support for userspace applications such as Linux Containers (lxc), squid and sysrepo, and contributing to core system components such as ubus, libubox, uci and others.

These projects have been recognized by the open source community. More details about our activity are available in the OpenWrt project history.

Read more on our open source projects here.

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