Embedded Device Manufacturers
We make OpenWrt-based devices happen.
Bringing OpenWrt-based devices to market

A frequent position ISPs and other embedded solution deployments find themselves in is the lock-in that comes with static firmware. One way of resolving this issue is OpenWrt, an open source firmware designed primarily for embedded devices that enables both customers and users to easily manage and customize them far beyond their initial purposes and possibilities.

As a company of experts in OpenWrt and its derivatives, we have collaborated with embedded device manufacturers to bring quality OpenWrt-based devices to the market, simultaneously providing various enhancements to the main OpenWrt ecosystem.


Routers, gateways and embedded devices in general are no longer viewed simply as boxes stacked somewhere in the house but as powerful devices with more and more diverse functionalities. Because of this, the way in which both users and vendors interact with them is increasingly growing in importance. As a company specialized in embedded development and integration, we provide custom-made and user-friendly Web UI/UX applications targeting OpenWrt and other embedded platforms.

Integrating 3rd party solutions

When working on embedded products, Sartura also delivers 3rd party software integration services to embedded device manufacturers. Among other, these include integration of storage, multimedia, VPN, LXC and many more.

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