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Linux-based development for embedded devices including open source solutions, tailor-made Linux applications, custom Linux kernel ports and Web UI/UX implementations.
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Empowering Your Business with Open Source - choosing mainline OpenWrt
2023-10-17 in blog

At Sartura, Open Source in general and especially OpenWrt is one of our key focuses, and we want to show you how the principles of Open Source software apply to OpenWrt, specifically its "mainline."

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Larch Networks, Quantum Networks and SarturŠ° Unveil Quantum SONiC: The Enterprise SONiC anyone can use
2023-10-10 in blog

Quantum Networks, Larch Networks, and Sartura have teamed up to announce Quantum SONiC, a turn-key software suite built on the SONiC network operating system (NOS) that can be deployed seamlessly on campus as well as on the edge networks.

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