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Linux-based development for embedded devices including open source solutions, tailor-made Linux applications, custom Linux kernel ports and Web UI/UX implementations.
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First contributions towards integrating 4.19 kernel into OpenWrt
2018-09-27 in blog

Recent developments by Sartura include the integration of kernel version 4.19 into the mainline OpenWrt

Tags: Open Source OpenWrt contributions
OpenWrt announces 18.06 stable release
2018-08-02 in blog

OpenWrt Community launches first post-merge release with 18.06 stable version

Tags: Open Source OpenWrt
Sartura adds support for MACCHIATObin boards in mainline OpenWrt project
2018-04-17 in blog

March 2018 marks the addition of both the Single Shot and Double Shot flavors of the Marvell MACCHIATObin® boards into mainline OpenWrt.

Tags: Open Source OpenWrt contributions
Sartura adds mbed TLS support to libssh project
2018-03-28 in blog

Recent Sartura Open Source contributions include the addition of mbed TLS support for libssh project.

Tags: Open Source contributions